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How To Get A Vendor Briefing With Gartner Group

As an IT Vendor or technology supplier like many of our clients in Israel, you may request a Vendor Briefing with a Gartner analyst.

Vendor Briefings are sessions conducted by their analysts to assist them in researching vendor technologies, business plans and strategies.

Briefings may be live or via audio conference. Your request will be considered, but briefings are scheduled based on analysts research agendas.

Gartner encourages vendors that are not Gartner clients to brief their analysts on their product and services.

To request a briefing, send an e-mail to or call +1 203 316 6144.

To identify topics covered by Gartner analysts, it’s best to view Analyst Coverage areas.

Want to know what types of questions are asked at a Vendor Briefing? Check out their Sample Vendor Briefing Agenda.

Keep in mind that a vendor briefing is not a service deliverable and may be requested by both Gartner clients and non-clients:

  • Vendor briefings are an opportunity for vendors to present their product, business plans and strategies to Gartner analysts.
  • Analysts may ask clarification questions, however Vendors will not receive analyst feedback.
  • During briefings, the flow of information is strictly from vendor to analysts and is not an interactive analyst feedback session.

Any questions, let me know via email at: alan at weinkrantz dot com.

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