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How The #SXSW Panel Picker is Precursor of What’s to Come in Interactive, Film & Music. #PearlsOfWisdom

I’ve submitted my speaking panel proposal related to PR  for #SXSW 2011.  

If you like what you see, I’d appreciate your vote, or perhaps a comment.  I am not asking you to agree with me.  In fact, if you have a difference of opinion on my take about why I think PR should drive Social Media, then chime in.


Look for Pearls of Wisdom in the Panel Picker Process

In the process of going through the other proposed panels, it struck me that regardless of your specific interest area, the proposed panels are really a precursor of what’s on the minds of the brightest and best in the world of Interactive, Music and Film.

My specific interests are in the world of Branding, Marketing & Publicity, Content Management, Mobile & Wireless, and Advertising.

In going through the topics, I focused on the titles of the proposed talks.   I am not favoring one over the other.  I am saying that these titles and their proposed content are clues of windows of opportunity that should be on your radar now.  

Here’s a few to examine…

Flip the Funnel – Retention is the New Acquisition  – that’s right.  There’s now ways in our connected world to not just get, but keep repeat customers.

Marketing & Gaming – How not to F it Up – hmmm…. what are we doing for clients that could involve some form of gaming?

Building Fences in the Sky – Geo-Fencing Has Arrived –  ok.  I know Geo-location, but Geo-Fencing?  Read more….

Steve Jobs and The Rise of Techno Priests – sounds creepy, but it could be a clue about your own company’s culture.  Is there a Techo Priest residing in your company? Good?  Bad?  Not relevant? 

Moving the Web onto Mobile Devices – uh…. I think our stuff looks just fine on mobile devices.  Or does it?  Learn more from someone with a bit of know-how from Adobe. Memo to management – we need to address this in our next strategic planning meeting.

There’s over 2,000 of these, so this is just a sampling.  There’s are some wonderful pearls of wisdom here.  

Spend some quality time here.  

You might find the makings of a great brain storm.

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