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How Sprint and WAAV Helped the #140Conf Road Trip Produce a Mobile / Social / Broadband Reality Show at 70 MPH

Two of our #140Conf Road Trip sponsors, WAAV and Sprint, were responsible for enabling us to produce a reality TV show like this.

As much fun as we were having, we experimenting with mobile social broadband broadcasting and building community along the way. We had friends watching us on UStream and calling us Skype. If you spend a few minutes watching the recorded broadcast, you can see an illustration of this as Peter Weissenstein not only called in, but provided remote technical help and driving instructions so we could by-pass Chicago freeways in ways our GPS could not figure out.

Jeff would broadcast a message on Twitter as to when we would be going live. Within minutes, we not only had viewers from around the world, we had friends calling in on Skype to converse, entertain and share their stories. Even late night driving was eased when we had friends from Orange Country call us and got on Yelp to recommend places to stay and restaurants to stop at. We were able to share our story and connect with Characters not only in the Midwest, but from around the world.

Thank you for joining us and being part of our Road Trip.

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