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How NOT To Connect on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is different than Facebook, than twitter, than G+.


This is not the best way to connect on LinkedIn.  Do some research and explain to the person you are trying to connect with why you want to connect in the first place.

I tend to look at LinkedIn as a more serious platform to share business ideas, leads and discover and meet new like minded professionals.

When I Want to Connect On LinkedIn, I Tell The Recipient Why

  • I’ve heard of you.
  • I’ve been following your posts.
  • I like what you have to say about_____.
  • So and so told me we should connect because we have a common interest in…..
  • We recently met at the ______ conference and thought we should connect deeper.
  • I saw your stream on twitter and came over here to find out you were also connected to….

If you are really going to connect on LinkedIn, take the time to explore the person you are trying to connect with.  It not only shows you care, it will really make you think twice about the company you want to keep – and why.

P.S. – if you’re serious, connect with me on LinkedIn here.


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