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Should Companies Posing Applications on YouTube Be More Self Policing in Disclosing Who Actually Produced Videos Like These?

I have another blog,, focused on helping what I hope to be millions of AT&T customers who will be part of AT&T’s three-screen initiative.

Recently AT&T announced a new service, Video Share, which I think is pretty cool.

This post is not about Video Share.  It’s about AT&T’s approach to using YouTube and posing what looks like to be end-user created YouTube videos, which they are not.

These videos are too canned, too formatted and too slick.  And what’s even worse, is that they are done with poor acting and role playing.

If a company is going to post videos like these, then I think they should be more self-policing in disclosing that these are AT&T produced videos and not done by citizens having fun and doing their own demos of what really is a great application.

Your thoughts?

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