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How My Google Adsense Budget Went from $50 Per Month to $270,000 Per Month

I do run some selected key words on Google AdSense in hope of developing new business leads.  Usually my bill runs all of about $50 per month for words associated with PR and Social Media. 

On Monday, I was checking my American Express bill online and noticed a charge against my card for $1,500.  Then, the next day, I get an email from Google saying that they were turned down for a charge for $4,500 they were trying to make on the card.  And then, I get a phone call from American Express’ security department asking me to call them about the charge.

As it turns out, someone, somehow got into my Google AdSense Account with my AmEx credit card number and tagged key words such as "No Risk Loans," "Low Credit Loans,"  "Pay Day Loans," etc.

The daily budget:  $4,500 per day.

We got it resolved.  American Express refunded the initial charge of $1,500 and all was good.

Suggestion:  if you are running Good Ads, be sure and check your account regularly to avoid something like this happening to you.

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