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How Marcelo Diaz Bowen’s Vision for Geek Camp Is Now Connecting Chile’s Startup Economy Worldwide

It would totally stand to reason that I met Santiago, Chile-based, Marcelo Diaz Bowen in Ramallah, Palestine at a conference we both spoke at.  Marcelo is a force of nature who travels the world,  moving, shaking, rocking, and rolling as he gets stuff done in putting Chile’s startup economy on the global stage.

Starting with his vision of Geek Camp, held on the campus of the Catholic University of Chile,  Marcelo reflects the best of Chile’s startup ecosystem.

He conceived the idea of Geek Camp and has grown it into a destination for many of Chiles’s emerging startups to go through the program, which if selected, gets a startup in front of some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley and provides  training and mentorship both in Chile and Silicon Valley.

Even if a company is not selected as a finalist to go to Silicon Valley, they still benefit from the program, and often wind up re-tooling their existing idea or joining another team.


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