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How I Paid for Half of my #iPad by Canceling Print Magazine Subscriptions

I love magazines and yes, newspapers.  

I still love them, but in a different form.  I am trying to methodically shift from print to media on the iPad, which has become more a media consumption device than anything else.   Having an iPhone and a MacBook Pro, I will admit to being somewhat of an Apple Fan Boy, but that aside, it is the integration of these three tools that’s changing not only a means to reduce overhead in my business, but make better use of my time when I travel, waiting for meetings to start, or just want to chill out and read something.

Having been a long time subscriber to “Fortune,” “Forbes,” “The Wall Street Journal,” “BusinessWeek,” “The New Yorker,” “Vintage Guitar, “Guitar Player,”  and “New York” magazine and buying news stand copies of everything from “Rolling Stone” to “The Economist” to “Vanity Fair,” and “Wired,” I decided to make a gradual shift away from print and move as much as I can to the iPad.  In the process of canceling most of my print subscriptions, I found that I was able to get refunds on several magazines because I had purchased long term subscriptions, coming to just shy under $250.00- which paid for one half of the cost of my iPad.
I will admit that I am suffering from paper magazine withdrawal syndrome and most of all, I am going to miss “The New Yorker.”  I am keeping two guitar magazines, and once the subscription ends, I am going to let them go – at least for a while.
I am not sure that I can do without “The New Yorker,” but I am going to give it a try, as I know I can always subscribe again- as a new subscriber.

Making this shift has been partially a matter of reducing every line item of overhead, replacing it with something that could be web-based and trying a new way to consume free sources of news and media which I can discover, learn from, and share.
How about you?  
If you own an iPad, are you changing some of your content consuming habits?
Photo by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2010

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  1. This is baffling, unless you’re simply buying iPad versions of the magazines. There simply is no free content that’s of the quality of these print magazines, and I’m sure you realize that.


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