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How I Can Help A VC / Angel Fund As Their Story Teller in Chief

If you’re part of a VC or Angel Fund, I could be a valuable member of your team by helping your portfolio companies articulate and sustain their story, and help your fund do likewise.


As Story Teller in Chief, I can help your fund’s brand differentiate, and help your portfolio companies become better story tellers.

Better Deal Flow

This article in TechCrunch, “Why VCs Are Getting Into PR” says it best, citing firms like Kleiner Perkins, Greylock and Andreesen Horowitz having a role in PR – (I expand the term a bit in the vein of story telling).   

The intent is help your portfolio companies and your fund think through, and act upon becoming more effective at telling their story on a sustained basis.  

The end game in this is being a source to the media, leveraging thought leadership for business development, and increased customer engagement.

Be Better Positioned

You want to be in a position to get better deal flow, better companies, and be at the front of the receiving line, not the end.  

With a great brand and story telling, you can share your mission, your purpose and what makes you a great partner to a startup above and beyond the almighty Dollar, Pound, Euro, Sheckel, Yen and all other currencies in between.

Most Startups Aren’t Coded for Story Telling

Most startups I meet in my travels aren’t very inclined to invest time, let alone money in thinking through, and executing on their story telling strategies.  

It’s in their DNA to write code, get stuff done and ship.  Somewhere in the heart and soul of every startup I meet with is a great story that goes above and beyond, “we do X for Y, and help the enterprise do Z.”

Either they don’t see it because they are so close to it, or they don’t see or understand the value of great story telling.

Does Your Fund Have A Story Telling Strategy in Place?

At the other end of the startup food chain are VC and Angel Funds who are now competing with each other for the best deal flow looking for places to deploy their funds in the global startup economy.  

Crowdfunding and platforms like Kickstarter are also changing the rules.  So are funds from around the world that are tapping into previously unaccessable markets.

Sounds Good.  How.  And How Much?

I have developed a clustered service offering ranging in price from $5 – $10K per month, that is aimed at helping a fund and its portfolio companies scale and sustain their story telling (OK – their PR) initiatives.  

The pricing depends on the fund size, the number of companies in the portfolio and what internal resources are available for me to work with.  

I believe it’s best to limit this to no more than 10 companies at a time.  If you’re fund has in excess of 10, we can also rotate portfolio companies on 90 day cycles.

I won’t handle competing funds and will only serve one fund at a time.  

I’m interested.  What Do I Do?

Share your story with me.  

Tell me what’s on your fund’s mind, what you are trying to achieve, and some of the communications obstacles your fund and your portfolio companies might be experiencing.

Email me:  alan at weinkrantz dot com. 

I’ll circle back.  

Let’s get some good story telling going.


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