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How Erica O’Grady – @ericaogrady is helping Innkeepers across the U.S. gain a presence on the social web

Erica O’Grady is traveling the U.S with the goal in mind of not only visiting, but spending an average of 21 days in bed & breakfasts.  She is blogging over at Twilight & Tea, talking about how Innkeepers can use social media as a way to gain presence – and a voice on the Internet. All of these places have a great story to tell, but may not have the technical or procedural skill sets to tell their story.

Erica has decided to go homeless (in a good way) for one year, being paid for her services in exchange for room & board at the inns she stays at. She also maintains her regular client base, from the road ensuring a balance of real and psychic income.

Here’s my interview with her when I visited the Creekhaven Inn, in Wimblerly, TX.

I’ve known Erica for about 4 years and have followed her various projects in working with her clients that range from businesses to politicians to social causes. Underneath the veil of this perky and delightful person is a very astute businesswoman.

Her reach with the Innkeepers she is working with, touches not only the places she stays at, but the communities in which she temporarily resides in. She talks to local shopkeepers, restaurants and service providers, often bringing them together to communicate in the real world, where they may not have done in the past.

Erica’s project merits following throughout her 12 month journey. There’s a book in the making, so by following her blog, you sort of get an advance copy of what she is learning and how she is helping bed & breakfasts embrace this communications medium.

Beyond the travel industry, there are lessons to be learned from Erica about story telling, community building, and new business development.

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