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Enon Landenberg Brings A Place To Think, So You Can Get Real About Augmented Reality

Over the last six months, I have met with Infinity AR President & CEO, Enon Landenberg through a series of dinner meetings in New York, San Francisco, and most recently at his company’s R&D center in Tel Aviv.  While the video below is somewhat fun and a bit offbeat, there is nothing funny about what the company has its sights on.

Landenberg’s company provides the core technology and software that adds a layer of  augmented reality functionality into the devices, platforms and experiences we are beginning to have from everything to the everyday television, computer game, smart phones and digital glasses.

Since their technology is already compatible mainstream devices and mobile OS such as Android, IOS and Windows, the barriers to development are much less.  In sharing his vision with me, Enon sees a future that is not just about being cool and fun, but really adds to a user’s experience.

A Place To Think.  

Go back to the beginning of the video as Landenberg talks about why he built out the R&D office and how it describes it as place to think.

If you’re a brand or any type of company thinking about the implications of what augmented reality, you’d be well served to engage with the team at Augmented Reality, and think about what could be.




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