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How Davis Staedtler Does Social Broadcasting – for #PBS Affiliate, #KLRN – @KLRNAuction

Tonight, we continue our experiment in Social Broadcasting, supporting our local PBS station, KRLN in San Antonio.

I’m thrilled to be joining forces nightly with some of the nicest and smartest people in our community who are showing the power of using the social web to share the goings-on with a 10 day long fund raising event called Blazing Gavels.

Here’s Davis Staedlter, demonstrating the integration of using his MacBook PRO, iPhone and iPad to listen, share and broadcast information on up to date offerings and behind the scenes activities.

While our focus is in our community, we hope to share our knowledge with other PBS stations around the U.S. and how they can call on Social Broadcasters in their area to help with their fund raising activities.

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