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How @Chevrolet Runs Deep With @NanPalmero and @BobbyFreeman

I love seeing stories of big companies thinking like startups.  


And  Chevy Texas did exactly that. Chevy picked 4 guys in Texas to go on a Mancation. 

The rules were to only have a road trip with guys anywhere in Texas with a Chevy vehicle.

Everyone did something different, but my favorite had to be my buddy, Nan Palmero and his pal, Bobby Freeman.

Matching Chevy’s branding imagery of off-road toughness and durability, Nan & Bobby artfully extended  this strategy with the use of creative and very original video demonstrating the vehicle’s off-road capability.   Photos courtesy of Silverado’s Facebook page.


Putting the MAN in Mancation.


Nan and Bobby took a Chevy Silverado ¾ ton 4×4 to a couple of ranches. During that time they came across the Llano River, countless deer, 3 beavers, turkeys, skunks, armadillos and even a rattlesnake on their truck.

Chevy Mancation from Nan Palmero on Vimeo


The coolest part was that they documented their time like pros. Their video work and production values kicked ass and made me want to jump out of my desk and into the truck with them, and well…. just be manly.  If you have a drop of testosterone in your veins, their video is going to call to you as well.

Bigger and Badder Than The Alcan Run

Not only did these guys have fun, but they went to work for the Bastrop fire victims by working in a less-than-glamorous sorting facility. They took time out of their Mancation to help others. Social good via social media and it wasn’t planned by you.

Excellent vetting, indeed.

A Brand Manager’s Dream Come True


While experiments like these certainly have some elements of risk, Nan and Bobby kicked ass when it came to representing the brand exactly as the way the brand should be represented.  They weren’t a bunch of weenies driving to the grocery store, the spa,  or church on the streets of San Antonio.  


No… they took it off-road and demonstrated its clear durability and well, its manliness.


These guys embodied the essence of the trip. I want to jump in that damn truck.

If you are reading this post before October 7, be sure to vote for Nan and Bobby by visiting Nan’s blog post here.  Details are provided so you can cast your vote.  

Chevy, excellent work on scouting and finding the right pair of guys to show how tough your truck is, how it handles terrain and how much fun you can have in a Chevy.  


You guys are proof that although your company is 100 years old (on November 3rd), you still have that scrappy startup mentality to think out of the box and get two guys that embody your brand so well to tell the Chevy story through photos and video.


Chevy, indeed, runs deep.


Dina Shore and I salute you both!







  1. Well Said ALAN! Chevy did great here! I wonder if they know how great of an idea and duo they picked. This is the best story and video I have seen in a long time!ERIK


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