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How a Media Pitch is Like an “Ask.”

Think of how many asks — or favors that stream across your email, through Facebook, via LinkedIn, or through a friend of a friend of a friend.


Photo shot on location at Katz’s NYC by me.

Pitching stories is very much like an ask.  In my case,  I have a great client, with a great story, with a cool and disruptive technology.

When I pitch, I know I am asking for a journalist, an analyst or fellow blogger’s attention.  I think of every pitch as an ask.  And when I do also know they are busy, pitched a whole lot and have limited bandwidth to consider pitches and act on them.

It’s really ok to ask.  

Just be mindful of the receiving end.

It’s ok to be persistent, but don’t wear out your welcome if your ask does not come true.

There’ll always be another ask you can call in if this one does not resonate.



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