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HomePNA Expands Membership with New Companies and the addition of SBC Labs to the Board

Through our client, CopperGate Communications, we are helping to support The HomePNA Alliance, whose technology, HomePNA 3.0 was standardized by the ITU in May 2005.  HomePNA
is a technology option for in-home distribution of new triple-play services such as IPTV.  Its unique blend of high speed, robust
performance, low cost, guaranteed QoS, and the ability to operate
simultaneously over both phonelines and coax cables make it uniquely
suited to the needs of service providers. 

Today we announced the addition of SBC Laboratories Inc. (“SBC Labs”), Scientific-Atlanta, Optical Solutions Inc., Analog Devices, Samsung Electronics, Readylinks, Sendtek, and ITOCHU Corporation as new members and the appointment of SBC Labs to the Board of Directors.  The addition of SBC Labs, which will represent the SBC companies on the board, builds on HomePNA’s strong momentum with telephone companies in deploying the next generation of home networks designed for triple play services. The new members include industry leaders in facilitating the delivery of IP enabled entertainment services.  The addition of these industry leaders enhances HomePNA’s ability to provide technology that meets and exceeds the needs of service providers as they roll out new services.”

This announcement will help in building momentum of single worldwide standard for high performance multimedia home networking over coax and phoneline.

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