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Hitting the Road for Six Weeks

Starting tomorrow, I am going to be traveling through the middle of July.  My travels will take me to Chicago for SuperComm June 6 – 8.  Then, I will be in Israel June 13 – 22 where I will be part of the Pulver VoiP Israel Summit as well as holding my annual PR seminar, visiting clients, prospects, friends and family.  On June 27, I depart with my son and daughter, Aaron and Lauren for 3 days in Paris, an overnight stay in London for a family Bar Mitzvah, 3 days in Iceland with my cousins who are part of the Bar Mitzvah party, and then back to London until the 10th of July for a combination of fun and business.  My final trek on this journey will start again on July 21, where I will be going to San Miguel de Allende Mexico for one week with my girlfriend, Monica.

I am particularly excited about Iceland.  This is something I would have never done, unless my cousin, Gary, would have organized the whole clan to do this.  And now with my new Nikon D70, I am really looking forward to the trip.

Here are some of my rules for extended travel:

1.  Stay at broadband hotels.  No broadband, no business from Alan
2.  My kids travel with their computers, and with the Apple Airport, we can have a wireless LAN in the room.  They can
3.  Watch what I eat.  I have a propensity to gain weight when I travel, so I am really trying to be aware of what I eat.  I know the walking and running around burns calories, but trying new foods and nibbling on junk food during the day can hurt.
4.  Stretch and exercise.
5.  Modify my rate plan with Cingular, so that I am on the international plan for data.  My Blackberry will work everywhere I am going, so being on email is not going to be a problem, and I can continue to support our clients.

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