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High Tech StartUp PR Strategies – The Cascading Effect

The purpose of gaining coverage on sites like CNET, TechCrunch, Mashable, The Next Web are not only to create buzz for your startup, but to gain what I call a cascading effect.


A burst of coverage on the sites covering startups, have the cascading effect of related coverage in your vertical markets.

Photo shot on the 4th of July at South Padre Island by me.

Serving the financial services market?  You have the opportunity to cascade related coverage in…. you guessed it the financial services related vertical media. Disrupting broadcast media?  Ditto.  And so on…

Think Beyond Just Buzz

It’s nice to break your story in places like these.  

Journalists and bloggers who cover specific vertical markets look to these sites for story ideas.

Think of these sites for launching your company.  

Think of the vertical markets for generating deal flow, partnerships, funding and sales.

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