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Hi Tech PR: Call For Papers Can Result in Securing a Speaking Gig at an Industry Tradeshow or Conference

One sure way to get a speaking gig at an industry tradeshow or conference is to see if the show promoter is issuing a call for papers – that is a way to submit your ideas on why you should speak. 


So you may not make it to the Grande Ole Opry, but a speaking gig at an industry conference can help elevate your thought leadership.

Here are a few hints:

1.  Plan now for 2012.  That was not a misprint.  If you’re hoping to get a speaking gig in 2011, manage your expectations because chance are most deadlines are way past.

2.  Make the deadline – this is pretty obvious.  Either you do or your don’t.  Don’t ask for an extension.

3.  Be forward thinking – don’t talk about what you are working on now.  Talk about where your company is going and where your vision is as an industry leader.

4.  Submit a candidate with expertise – make sure the person you propose to speak really knows what he or she is talking about.

5.  Don’t make this a marketing and sales pitch –  this is not about why you are so smart and why your product is so cool.  Think bigger.  Think about industry issues. Think about how you are helping to lead the industry.  How you solve customer issues.  Help your partners make more money.  Get to market faster.  Add more value. 

6.  Look for industry specific opportunities – want to speak in the Pulp and Paper industry?  Check the industry’s Wiki here.  Are you an expert in the security space?  Here are guidelines for the RSA Show.

These suggestions speak to the obvious, but they are the basics in helping you succeed in getting the speaking gigs you are after.



WikiCPF – Wiki Call For Papers 

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz shot at the Grande Ole Opry.  Share, but please credit.  BTW, it’s a way cool place to visit and the acoustics are amazing!


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