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Here’s What’s Up with The Texas Israel Chamber of Commerce

TiCoC Cleantech

We are extremely fortunate to be connected to two of the strongest business states in the world at this time; Texas & Israel!  

The opportunities are limitless and the Chamber is working hard at growing its network of high-quality professionals & entrepreneurs to increase business opportunities for its members and community. 

We here in Texas are sourcing the best product in the world; Israeli innovation!  We are constantly privy to learning of “breakthrough technologies” coming out of Israel and these are occuring in a broader range of industries than ever before.  Texas is a strong entrepreneurial state as is Israel and the relationship is strengthening!  

We encourage you to join our Chamber and one of its dynamic committees in your area of interest and contribute to building this exciting organization for the benefit of all. You will read about our recently completed & very successful business mission to Israel below in “TiCoC News” as well as upcoming events and other interesting topics.  

Next event is Wednesday, August 19th 7:00am-10:00am “Innovation in Manufacturing” at UTD featuring a powerful lineup of speakers. Please feel free to at your convenience to learn more about how you can get involved. 

Our  cleantech committee invites over 85 people every month to participate in our monthly committee call. We are now planning a major event: “Texas-Israel Cleanovation”  on February 22, 2010 in Austin, featuring both Israeli and US companies, entrepreneurs, consultants, bankers, service providers, etc.  We also expect Dr. Eli Opper, Israel’s Chief Scientist and UT graduate to speak! Please follow us on our blog & click “Cleanovation” at the top for event details.

TiCoC Israel Trip – June 2009 & ILSI-Biomed

The TiCoC brought a delegation of Texas business leaders to Israel and hosted a VIP Dinner reception featuring 80+ people at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel.  The dinner included VIP speakers, CEO’s, government officials, innovators, entrepreneurs, bankers, lawyers and more wherein we discussed the positive benefits of doing business in Texas and how the TiCoC can add value and facilitate business between Texas & Israel.  We would like to thank David Wiessman, Executive Chairman, Alon Israel Oil, and Avi Friedman, Senior Country Director, Continental Airlines for sponsoring.  We would also like to thank Mr. Eitan Yudilevich, Executive Director, BIRD Foundation, Tamar Guy, Executive Director Israel-America Chamber, & Mark Ellison, Vice Chancellor, Texas A&M for presenting at the dinner. Our Vice Chairman Terry Anderson did an excellent job organizing.

 We also attended the ILSI BioMed conference which attracted over 3,000 people in the  life sciences, biotech, pharmaceutical & business development world. The TiCoC arranged targeted visits to companies and academic institutions.  We met the owners of Given Imaging, who make the now- famous PillCam, BioLine Rx an exciting drug development company BioJerusalem

ElronRainbow MedicalHadasit and many more.  

Israel and Texas share a strong entrepreneurial spirit and both have outstanding university research, & Governments focused on funding innovation.  The Chamber’s Life Sciences committee has established PHD’s (in Israel & Texas) and business development professionals to help you connect.

Further along on the trip, we visited with senior executives around the country in multiple industries including cleantech, hi-tech & Life Sciences. Valuable relationships were established and deal flow has already increased!  We will advise our plans to attend ILSI-Biomed next year in June.


TiCoC Member News

The TiCoC is pleased to announce new Co-Chairs for its CleanTech & Life Science Committees.  Arie Brish (Infinite Energy Harvesting) and Ari Reubin ( are heading the energized cleantech committee and Barbara Foster ( will co-chair our Life Sciences committee under the leadership of Chairman Dr. Ron Ginor.  We greatly appreciate
the time, hard work and committment of our chairs & co-chairs!

Applied Nanotech, a TiCoC member, was awarded a collaborative grant from the BIRD Foundation.  Congratulations to Dr. Zvi Yaniv, COO of Applied Nanotech and the head of the TiCoC Nanotechnology Committee.


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