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Here’s What I Like About Google+ for iPhone (And What I’m Doing On It)

I spent lunch today at Central Market – in a mobile WiFi setting to experiment with Google+ / iPhone.


When I think of using “mobile apps,” I think of how I can use them, well – mostly when I am mobile, particularly since traveling is part of what I do.  

Mobile Use Need Not Be In A “Mobile” Environment

Sometimes, even if I am at my desk or in a hotel room working on my notebook, I still use my iPhone for quick checks on Twitter, Facebook, and now Google+.

And When I’m Mobile…

In a mobile environment, I often have down time.  I wait in traffic.  I wait at meetings.  I hang out at airports.  And on airplanes, or taxis and buses en route from here to there.  So, I think of ways to be productive.  Do things I shouldn’t be doing when I am “working.”

That’s where apps like Google+ comes in.  If you discipline yourself to see apps like this as a productivity tool to read, listen, share and build out your circles even more, it’s time well spent.

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