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Have You Taken A Look at Your LinkedIn Strategy Lately?

Maybe it’s time to refresh how you use LinkedIn.  I still find it a valueable too for business development, listening in on groups I belong to, and connecting with others around the world. 


1.  Is this group still valid?  

Maybe in 2010, it made sense to tune into a specific space or interest group that never panned out.  Maybe it was just easier to delete the emails than actually go to the group and say good-bye.  If that group no longer suits your needs, disconnect.  If you’re on the fence, disconnect for 30 days and then you can always go back if you find the content and discussions that valuable.

2.  Does this group still serve your needs?

I’ve been on a social media LinkedIn group for ages.  It’s really morphed into really basic, sill stuff with mostly self-promotional discussions and silly offers.  Delete.  Pronto.

3.  Daily vs. Weekly

I am scaling back my notifications to being on a weekly basis. 

I don’t think the world is going to dramatically change if I just get a summary once a week.  Remember, this is not a place for breaking news, hot stock tips, or finding out if the debt limit has been raised as of 15 minutes ago.  The groups are a great way to chime in, listen, contribute content and even do business development.

4.  Are there some new groups you should be chiming into?

For me, and because I live in Texas and because I do business in Israel, I am looking at energy, water and in generally, the cleantech space.  I think my skill sets are of value and will soon be annoucing my first major clean related client.

5.  Somewhere New?

We’re more than half way into 2011.  Are there some new areas of interst you should be listening into and discovering?

Re-visit your presence on LinkedIn.  


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