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Hacking Your Startup’s PR and Communications Initiatives To Get You Above The Code™- Today’s Presentation @MexicanVC

Today is my third, and final day holding office hours at MexicanVC in Mexico City, ending with my presentation, Above The Code, which I hope you’l find useful for your own startup.  It’s a combination of my 12 basic belief sets, followed by a 90 day plan aimed at helping the startups getting ready for their demo day on February 5 in Mexico City and February 7 in Mountain View.

It’s been quite an experience working with some very smart, and passionate entrepreneurs.    I was particularly taken with the startups’ grasp for the importance of great UX and design.   Take a look at Boletia, Rubberit, Nuperty, eTraining and Yaxi.  These are the companies I actually worked with during my stay here.  You may view the entire list of’s portfolio companies here.

Today’s event, Sales & Marketing for B2B Tech Startups included myself and other great speakers including Jorge Soto, Elizabeth Quinanilla, Victor Ricco, and Hector Cardenas.

To the team at MexicanVC, thank you for hosting me, and most of all, making me feel so welcomed during my stay here.




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