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Google TV is Really Cool, But Missing a Few Key Features….

I really like the idea of Google TV. It’s got lots of potential which you can learn more about here.

The only thing that is missing is….

1. True HD watching experience.
2. Lack of 5.1 audio on home theatre
3. Does not use capabilities offered through my provider, AT&T such as total home DVR.

Don’t forget, Microsoft makes the middleware for AT&T’s U-verse. I believe they could keep the best of U-verse, and layer it with BIng on top, giving you the same offering as Google TV.

Your take?

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  1. Love it! Can’t wait to get one, anything is better than the #TWC DVR I’m stuck with right now. Someone had to take the first step and bring a better system to market that integrates internet video and broad search capabilities, might as well be Google.


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