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Going Global With CopperGate

With the help of the outstanding team of the San Antonio offices of BusinesWire, we’re expanding client, CopperGate’s sphere of global outreach into Asia and South America.

If you are going to issue news releases in other parts of the world and in other languages, here’s a few helpful tips:

1.  Allow one full week to allow for the complete cycle of translation and possible editing.

2.  Ask your BusinessWire representative to help you select the right circuit.  China, for example, is a huge country.  You don’t need to broadcast to the entire country of China.  You can buy selective news circuit.

3. If you are buying specific countries in certain regions of the world, look into buying regional circuits which can save you money.

4.  Make sure you localize each release with a local office, phone number and address. 

5.  Post your releases in each language on your web site.


Download this file to see CopperGate press releases in Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Portuguese.

Download coppergatelinks_1.doc

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