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Global IP Alliance Joins Forces With Henning Schulzrinne in Call for Development of IP-Based, Globally-Oriented, Next-Generation Emergency Response

Today, our client,  The Global IP Alliance,  and Professor Henning Schulzrinne (renowned E-911 expert and Chair of the Columbia University Department of Computer Science), submitted recommendations to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today, calling for the development of a next-generation, IP-based emergency response system.

We distributed the media advisory through PR Newswire’s Washington DC circuit which reaches policy and thought leaders as well as the telecom and business trade publications.

The Global IP Alliance noted that, simply making the existing 9-1-1 system in the United States work for today’s VoIP users is not satisfactory, even as it may be a suitable stop-gap measure for those consumers who have already migrated over to VoIP services as a replacement for their former POTS service.

Instead, the nation, and VoIP service providers must work creatively, and pragmatically with infrastructure providers and public policy makers and regulators to move this nation, and others to a modern, IP-based emergency calling infrastructure.  The Global IP Alliance recommendations address that goal, while also describing the opportunities that a modern, IP-based emergency calling infrastructure offers.


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