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Global IP Alliance Releases Report and Establishes Wiki on Evolving State IP-Based Communications Around the Globe

Today, our client,  The Global IP Alliance released its initial report and established an ongoing process to allow government, industry and consumers to obtain current information on the state of global IP-based communications technology and regulation.

Hosting government regulators from more than 25 countries in Washington, DC, the Alliance officially launched public access to the Global IP Policy Matrix and announced a new process whereby those following IP technology and regulation may share information on VoIP treatment around the world via the establishment of the Global IP Alliance’s wiki (available at <>

The Global IP Alliance  is an international consortium of IP-based communications services and applications providers committed to realizing the promise of IP communications and of interconnecting IP-based communications providers.  The Alliance supports the need for addressing how IP-based services and applications are affected by existing local, national and international laws and promotes social objectives such as lawful intercept, emergency response, and access by persons with disabilities.  The Global IP Alliance also supports IP-based services and applications interconnection with other IP-based services and applications without regard to customer location.  Members of the Global IP Alliance include companies drawn from the platform, applications and service providers currently developing, deploying and interconnecting IP-based networks, services and applications throughout the world.

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