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AT&T Selects HomePNA 3 Technology for In-Home Distribution of AT&T U-verse Services

Getting to the house is easy.  Distributing the video and managing a home network can be a real challenge.

AT&T announced the selection of HomePNA 3 technology
for in-home distribution of it AT&T U-verse services including
AT&T U-verse TV, AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet, U-verse
Enabled and, in the future, consumer voice over IP services.

We have worked with the HomePNA organization in handling PR initiatives and we also represent CopperGate Communications who is the chip supplier for the set top boxes that will be deployed this fall.

HomePNA 3 technology will be integrated into IP set-top boxes
supplied by Motorola Inc. and Scientific Atlanta and Residential
Gateways supplied by 2Wire as key
components of AT&T’s U-verse deployment. AT&T chose the
technology following extensive testing in AT&T Laboratories and
other test environments.

"Based on our research, we believe HomePNA 3 technology is the best
option for distributing IP-based video services inside customers’
homes," said David Deas, vice president–networks & services,
AT&T Laboratories Inc. "The ability to work over both coaxial cable
and traditional phone lines is a key advantage and we look forward to
working with the industry to enhance and standardize the technology."

"This represents an opportunity for HomePNA technology to be part of
one of the largest deployments of true Internet-protocol television
services in the world," said Rich Nesin, President of HomePNA alliance.
"This selection is the culmination of a lot of work with AT&T and
its strategic partners to develop and refine the technology for the
delivery of IP-based services over the existing wiring in the home."

HomePNA 3 technology, standardized by the International
Telecommunication Union in May 2005, is a leading option for in-home
distribution of new triple-play services such as Internet
Protocol-based television (IPTV), voice and Internet access. Its blend
of high speed, robust performance, low cost, and the ability to operate
simultaneously over both phone lines and coaxial cables make it
uniquely suited to AT&T companies’ needs for deploying new services.

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