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Getting Ready to Shift To WordPress. Is There Something Else You’d Like For Me To Cover?

It’s time to move over to WordPress.  My friends and Geekdom next door neighbors at Roughneck Graphics are helping me make this transition.  I’ll be hosting over at ZippyKid, so it’s going to be lots of something new come this summer.


And speaking of something new, I am really excited to have just ordered this print from Gaping Void. I don’t plan to blog in my underwear, but I do hope that the shift to WordPress will spark something new.

As I do so, I will be making a shift to focus even more on helping startups get lucky, a couple of books in the works and some more speaking.

If there’s something you’d like to see and would like for me to cover and write, please leave a comment.


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  1. Great that you are moving to wordpress. I was in love with Drupal until I moved to WordPress.. Maybe content on the reason you moved from Posterous to WordPress?


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