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Getting Ready to Launch a Press Tour – Without Always Going on the Road

We’re getting ready to launch a press tour for one of our clients (there are times when I cannot specify which one.)

Years ago, we did traditional press tours:  We’d book the appointments, get on a plane, make the in-person visits and go back home exhausted, but accomplished, in having reached the right people in New York, Boston, or Silicon Valley.

Much of that has changed now.  So many of the journalists and analysts we work with, don’t really "work" at the company’s headquarters.  Many work from home – "elsewhere," travel a great deal, or just prefer to do briefings over the phone.

And with the growing influence of bloggers and their importance in the communications mix, many bloggers have day jobs or other gigs which may prevent them from having in person meetings, let alone a proper office in which to host you in.

While I am all for in-person meetings on important briefings, I am finding it more and more acceptable to do press tours via the phone, with video conferencing (not the fancy kind- but rather with your Mac or any type of web cam).

At the end of the day, travel when you and your team can, and when it’s practical to do so for all parties concerned–  but don’t let the simple magic and efficiency of a speaker phone and conference calling services keep you from executing on a press tour.

Photo shot on location near Reykjavik, Iceland by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2007, All Rights Reserved

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