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Genus Digital Adopts MaxxBass® in DAB radios

Our client, Waves Audio Ltd announced today that Genus Digital will utilize its patented MaxxBass® technology in their Type R DAB radio. Genus Digital is first company to use MaxxBass in portable radio applications.

“DAB  technology delivers a high quality digital audio bit stream to the radio; however consumers don’t fully benefit from the enhanced audio quality this broadcast platform delivers because of the physical limitations of the speaker systems in portable DAB products ,” said Richard Wharton, Director of Marketing, Genus Digital.  “Utilizing MaxxBass in our new Type R models will allow consumers to enjoy much deeper, richer music with more emotional involvement. MaxxBass is very effective in creating a live sound experience without requiring larger speakers or higher power consumption that would impact on the form factor and reduce the products battery life.”

“Waves MaxxBass is being adopted in an increasingly wide range of applications from iPod speakers, to LCD TVs, to PCs and now portable radios with Genus Digital’s new Type R product,” said Paul Bundschuh, vice president sales & marketing, Waves Semiconductor Division.  “Waves is pleased assist Genus Digital in creating such an innovative DAB product.”

Not a Bass Boost Technology

MaxxBass is not a bass boost technology. Instead, it uses a Waves-patented psycho-acoustic algorithm which extends perceived bass response by up to 1.5 octaves. By enabling small speakers to deliver full range sound, Waves is improving the performance for a wide variety of consumer electronics products, including portable loudspeakers, car audio, LCD TVs, computers and home theater systems.

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