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Genesis Partners Catches The Next Wave With Startup Accelerator, The Junction

I recently met with Jonathan “Jonny” Saacks, General Partner with Genesis Partners, who is acting as one of the guiding forces and sponsors of  The Junction, a new type of startup accelerator / co-working space for entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv.

Traditional venture capital firms like Genesis Partners historically (and continue) to invest the build-out of the Internet.  

In a perfect world, the company is funded, grows, does the right thing, and has an exit.  Having personally served Genesis Partners portfolio companies, AudioCodes and Allot Communications who’ve both had exits, I have a personal high regard for its management team and approach to building new companies.

Sometimes, a startup may not fit the traditional model of a VC-funded company.  Capital requirements are generally much lower, as are the barriers to market entry and the potential to disrupt.  Yet, VCs like Genesis Partners need to stay abreast of emerging trends and waves to come. 

The Junction serves not only the startup community, but Genesis Partners itself, who can keep emerging trends on their radar, and possibly bring the right startup into an ecosystem of deal flow and new opportunities.

I’d like to see more VC firms follow this model. 

Kudos to Genesis Partners and their forward thinking.


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