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#Geekdom Incubating Companies Sweep Innotech San Antonio Beta Summit As 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Place Winners

High Fives to Geekdom-based companies, CallGrader, ZippyKid and SnappTours who swept the Innotech San Antonio Beta Summit placing out as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners respectively. 


You gotta come see us at the 11th Floor of the Weston Centre, certainly the swankiest building in all the land.  It’s an awesome place, with friendly and really smart people.

The Beta summit is a competition for new media, software, securities and related technology companies to showcase the latest technologies to a qualified audience of decision makers.

Critical Mass and Success at Geekdom: The New Normal

While it’s certainly great to see these wins, there are other amazing things taking place here that tell a story in a much greater context.

Thursday night:  a group of high profile investors were here to gain insights from Paul Singh, Partner and Master of the Hustle, of 500 Startups, in advance of next week’s Demo Day for the graduating TechStars Cloud class.   While money was certainly discussed, it turned out to be a lesson in the realities of angel investing in what’s become an environment where the founders are on equal (or even greater) with the investors to be.  Companies that make it into and graduate out of TechStars process raises the bar even more.

Wednesday night: a group of creative filmmakers and digital media producers were in the community room holding a meeting, bringing together what’s traditionally been a disparate group of individuals needing a place that they can now call home.

Tuesday night: I sat in a group meeting of something like 50 developers who were looking for ways to meet and connect with each other. 

I heard multiple stories from people who home-school their children, code from home, and looking for a way to not only get out of the house for a few hours and meet like-minded people. 

There were also rumblings of others in the group who had day jobs at San Antonio companies, looking for way to ditch the 9 to 5 (or longer) routine.

My sense was that they were here to see if their instincts were right that maybe it was time to leave, take the leap to self-employment, or at the very least, consider connecting with other programmers


The kingdom of Geekdom is the best place to grow and monetize your brain.  And it’s tons of fun too!  Come join the community and see what blooms.

Yesterday morning, I was having breakfast one of the winners of the Innotech Beta Summit, ZippyKid’s founder, Vid Luther.  

It was a conversation not about technology, but his long term of vision of what ZippyKid could become.  Seeing he, and his co-winners at Innotech today speaks volumes about something very special that’s incubating on the 11th floor at the Weston Centre in San Antonio.  

With the Geekdom community approaching 250 members (and growing) the real winner here is not one individual company, but the collective energy that is beginning to spawn new intellectual and capital wealth.

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