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From Pitch to Feature Story in CIO Magazine

Last February, we made a pitch to CIO Magazine for client, Alsbridge.

The basic premise of our pitch was that what was lacking in the outsourcing business was innovation. 

The result?  Alsbridge was a major part of a feature story on the subject of innovation in outsourcing.

We provided the publication with research, made on-going story pitches supporting our thesis, and backed it up with the results of a survey of 300 buyers of IT services. 

The findings of the survey showed that the biggest gap between outsourcing benefits sought and achieved, had to do with innovation. The same research found that suppliers themselves say that their inability to innovate to client requirements is their biggest challenge.

While features are great, and certainly help validate that company’s role as a thought leader, you have to remember that because of competition for mind share, media noise level and the volume of pitches that journalists receive, the cycle from a pitch to having your idea being seen in print can be anywhere from three to twelve months. 

In this case, we began the dialog in February and the piece appeared in October.  That’s a total of nine months from seeing the germ of an idea to being a reality in print.

I can only advise you to be patient, be persistent, and manage your expectations.  Not all of our pitches stick, but when they do, the results can be rewarding.


Read the entire story here.

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  1. Great example of the need to remind clients of the benefits of a long term relationship.
    I linked to it from our blog.


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