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Finding Your Voice….

In struggling through, and thinking about blogging myself, I have another reason why companies and organizations should consider a blogging strategy:  it will help you find your voice and speak in a tone that will come out in your web site, collateral material,  direct mail, on-line marketing– and possibly even help impact your company’s culture.

One of the greatest challenges in producing content for a blog is finding your "voice." It’s not so hard to figure out what you want to say, it’s how you want to say it. 

I go back to my junior year in high school where my English teacher had a simple rule for writing:  "….if you write like you speak, you’ll do just fine."  This never really all sunk in until three decades later that I started to blog and finally got it in terms of what he meant.

I can’t advise you on "how" to find your voice.  But I do know that if you blog and post regularly, and be mindful of your company’s core messages and communications strategy you’ll hit just the right note

Photo shot on location in Havana, Cuba (c) Alan Weinkrantz, 2006


  1. Finding our voice also means letting a little personality out. You do that very well. I love the picture here, it is art – wonderful.

  2. One of the best arguments for blogging I’ve ever heard.


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