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Expanded Content from My Column in today’s @mysa – San Antonio “Express-News” – The Social Broadcaster

In today’s column in the San Antonio “Express-News,”  I talk about a new type of broadcaster – the social broadcaster that is taking hold.

Sea of Microphones

If you are managing a brand,you should be paying attention to this subtle, but important shift in the way brands are being spoken about through human actions such as sharing, liking and commenting on brands and related content.

Content about brands may not always come from the brand itself.  They are coming from your customers who are taking your brand’s message and articulating their own voice in how they feel and interact with your brand.

Social broadcasters are adapting to, and creating new lingua franca, which needs to be on your radar.

Start thinking of how words like share, like, re-tweet, and comment come into play in your marketing strategies.  Listen and engage with your customers and create meaningful, engaging content that can be re-purposed by your most ardent brand loyalists.  Be prepared to engage and respond to customers who no longer use call centers or your info@ email address when there’s a problem or resolution needing to be taking place.

Learn to understand the meaning of terminology such as fail, feed, snarky, mashup, tag, sticky, thread, next, flock and post, that are the new transitive verbs in marketing. Have plans and expertise in place to interface and better serve your customers.

Think about the role of social influence and how thought leaders and brand advocates can become your new and expanded sales channel.  Discover and engage with Mommy bloggers if you’re selling to Moms.  Find Geeky bloggers if you’re doing technology. 

Take a longer-term view and look at the implications of the mobile / social Internet and how you can empower, engage and grow your brand.   Look beyond your company’s web site and make sure you’re listening to and engaging at the periphery of the social Internet on places like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. 

Your customers are engaging and in some cases taking ownership of your brand.  You can now post once, and have it re-broadcast by many.

Listen, learn, share and engage. 

Disrupt your competitors and seize this unique time in human history when the Social Broadcaster can be your BFF – (brand’s friend forever)

Microphones shot on location at Fuller’s Vintage Guitars, Houston by Alan Weinkrantz – (c) 2010

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