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Expanded Content for Today’s Column in the San Antonio “Express-News” – The New Supply Chain of Running a Virtual Company

Today’s column in the San Antonio Express News focused on running a virtual company.

Here’s the links that were listed in the article that you may go to in order to learn more:

Google Apps –can provide you with a comprehensive suite of enterprise scale online applications which include word processing, email, spreadsheet, calendar and much more for $50 per year.  (not a misprint).  The company has also launched an Apps store of its own known as Google Apps Marketplace, which are designed for Google users, and include installable apps that integrate directly with Google Apps.

The Small Business Web – is a directory of web-based applications that include accounting, analytics, billing, CRM (customer relationship management), ecommerce, forms, help desk, and much more.  San Antonio-based Rackapce is part of this consortia, offering hosted email services. 

C4 Workspace is a great place to work, hang out and meet other like-minded creative service providers and once in a while, people from out of town, needing a place to hold a meeting, or just work.  Sure beats the traditional executive office suite idea.

The column also mentions Craig A. Dionne, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of San Antonio based GenSpera, Inc.  He is running his public traded bio-tech company that has all of three full time employees.

Dionne recently spoke to a group of MBA candidate students at UTSA in a class that I co-teach with Dr. Cory Hallam, Assistant Vice President for Commercialization.  The course is focused on learning how to start a high tech company.

If you have a growing business don’t forget that growth consumes cash.  And fast growth ,consumes cash, fast.  Manage your company’s cash by considering operating as a virtual operation and leveraging the power of services such as Google Apps and The Small Business Web.

If you’re running a virtual company, chime in.  How are you doing it and what are you finding in doing so?  Leave a comment and share your experiences

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. We love the Small Business Web apps. We use Batchbook and Freshbooks everyday. The integration is amazing!


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