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Engaging with Kodak’s Brand On the #140Conf Road Trip – @kodakevents @kodakcb #140KodakMoments

Having a sponsor like Kodak provide guidance, support, and product that we can not only use, but give away as gifts during the #140Conf Road Trip, brings an opportunity to engage a brand into the experience of an eight day moving road trip.

I would be overstating the obvious to say that Kodak is a perfect match for an event like this.  But there is more to this process than just sticking their logo up during our events.  

At heart, it’s about the Characters, and there is no better way to illustrate the Characters we meet and the stories they tell, with photography and video.  

We had a Kodak Zi8, Playsport, and  Z950 Digital Camera to use.  We also gave away several Zi8 and ESP 5250 Printers to winners along the way.  Product winners went to worthy causes including an Iraqi War Veteran, a new Co-working Space in St. Louis, and a parent in Minneapolis who had a college bound son who had just asked his Dad for this product.  

On this road trip, we were lucky to have Mo Krochmal join us as an embedded journalist who did much of the video story telling using the Kodak Zi8.  The photo gallery in this post has several photos of Mo using the Zi8, capturing stories which you may view on his Facebook page.

Thank you Tina Clark, Kodak’s Interactive Marketing and Brand Manager.

Thank you Jenny Chisney, Kodak’s Chief Blogger.

You’re both great story tellers in your own right!

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