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En Route to an Introductory Pitch Meeting – So How Do You Pitch?

Today I am in Dallas today en route to an introductory new business pitchPhoto_14
meeting. (I live in San Antonio, but commute back and forth to Dallas for business, friends, and family reasons).

Having had a 2 phone conversations with the potential client to be, I often think about how to best present what I do, the people I work with, and more than anything, demonstrate creative and strategic business thinking.

In this case, I think I am up against the perception that because I run a boutique operation, mostly comprised of other creative contractors, we can’t do things on the same scale, quality or impact as the big agencies.

I know I am not going to win every pitch I make, but in this case, I think we have a very unique skill set to offer and some parallel industry experience from the work we’ve done in telecommunications, billing and telecom policy.

My goal in this meeting is two-fold:

1.  Understand the client to be’s objectives

2.  Identify what the budget and timing is


Obviously I am not going to name names here, and maybe even the client to be will read my blog post from today. 

I writing this because I know that other firms like mine run across the same thing and I hope I will get some responses.

So….for those of you out there:  how do you pitch?

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