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Economic Forecast Model Shows Xilas’ Products and Services Can Save $8.0 Million Per Year Per Every 10,000 Type 2 Diabetic Patients Under Management

Today at the DMAA (Disease Management Association of America) Leadership Forum, our client, Xilas Medical, Inc. announced a new economic model that forecasts a savings of $8.0 million per year per every 10,000 Type 2 diabetic patients under management.

Known as X-EBMS™ (Xilas Evidence Based Management System), the model is also supported by previous studies, which demonstrate an up to 85% patient compliance rate.

Our client offers Disease Management organizations the opportunity to develop new programs, processes, and delivery of innovative solutions for people with Diabetes that are likely to experience lower extremity complications.  Xilas’ Disease Management protocols for eliminating complications associated with the diabetic foot are built around evidence based medicine, resulting from seven completed NIH (National Institute of Health) sponsored clinical trials. 

While at the DM Forum, Xilas is exhibiting its VPT Meter®, GlideSoft® Insole, and TempTouch® infrared temperature device, which when integrated into a mix of healthcare services, can increase clinical outcomes, beneficiary satisfaction, and meet or exceed clients’ spending targets for the area of Diabetes

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