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How I Combine Blogging, PR and Social Media To Get Results

Here’s a good
example of combining Blogging, Media Coverage and Social Media in order to promote a story on my 3Screens blog

1.  Blogging:  I did a post, including a YouTube video, which is a review of AT&T’s new WholeHome Manager telephony platform on my other blog, 3Screens.netP1010310

2. Sent pitches to appropriate Media Oulets pointing them to my blog.

This resulted in coverage in leading blogs and news sites such as: DSL Reports, Electronic House, Engadget, TeleCompetitorTelephony Magazine, FierceTelecom, Zatsnotsofunny did some extensive quotes both from my blog and my video.

3.  Social Media:  It’s on Digg, Delicious, Twitter, FaceBook, etc.

When I see a news story on the subject, I leave a comment like the one here in the LA Business Journal, inviting readers to come and see my post and video.

Yup, this really works.

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