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Does Your Startup Have a Vision of Your Future Media Coverage?

Note:  This post is not about getting media coverage.  Stay away from it until you are ready.


Today I spoke with a well funded start-up, and I asked them to make a wish list of media coverage where they thought they belonged.

Notwithstanding TechCrunch, Mashable, All Things D, ReadWriteWeb, etc, I asked them to think of 10 media outlets that covered their space and could drive being discovered, lead to new business, and of new deal flow.

To my surprise, the client-to-be told me that he and his team hadn’t really thought about it.  

That’s not a good thing.

Whatever visions you and your team have in mind for your startup, make media coverage part of your strategy.

Take One Step

You’re busy.  You want (or) have a life.  And now this.  One more thing to do.  

Chances are you read stuff on the web all the day.  

Take 15 minutes per day, away from Facebook, LInkedIn, G+ and read and discover the people who are giving your space a voice.

Tune in.  


Nothing more.  

For now.





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