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Do You Have A Pre-Traction Communications Strategy In Place?

The best pre-traction communications strategy you can have is pretend you have traction.

No, I am not here to advocate your seeking out media coverage before you’re ready.

However, You Can “Pretend.”

Use your imagine to think of where you should be covered, why you should be covered, and what your story would read like. 

Would you and your team be happy with the story?  Would your investors call you and say “great job… great story telling….?”

What if you actually broke through when the time is right and you got the traction you needed through media coverage?

Remember, art often times precedes reality, when you create your art, shape your reality and have a message that will resonate with the right publics.

Preparing for, and having the mindset of media coverage will help you be that much further ahead.

Get ahead. Now. Just use your imagination.


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