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Do You Have A Defensible Messaging Strategy in Place?

I spend a lot of time working on client’s messaging strategies.  

Not just what we say, but how we say it.  Not just the words, but the tone, the voice, the vibe we give in the writing.


Photo of Graffiti from the streets of Tel Aviv by me.  

In the days when you had to have millions of dollars in VC funding to launch a high tech company, having a great message was enough.  Even with a few competitors, the bar was high enough that it was hard to break into an emerging market because of the money, the people, and the IT resources it took to startup, ramp up and grow.  There was much less competition and if you were ahead of the pack, you had some runway (i.e. time) that worked to your advantage.

Today, it’s much different.  And much more competitive.  

  • You’re competing against a myriad of start-ups where often, the only barrier to entry is time, will, smarts, and a bit of luck.  
  • Hosting on servers (or the cloud) are cheap and there’s free bandwidth at your local coffee shop or co-working space. 
  • Your competitors can keep their day jobs and moon-light on the side while they make their platform even more disruptive than yours.  Your competitors are no longer just in the U.S. – they are in India, Israel, Singapore.  
  • And because of the sheer number of viable startups entering and disrupting markets, you’re also competing for the attention of the media, the bloggers and industry analysts who are overwhelmed and over pitched by people like me (and my team).

Having A Defensible Message Means More Than Just Words

Your message needs not only be clear and concise in everything you say – it needs to be defensible

Messaging Is A Strategy;  Not A Tactic.

  • In startup mode, your message might one of being exclusive, or totally off the radar.
  • In business development mode, it might be focused on the founding team, your financial and strategic investors and media partners you have aligned with.
  • In launch mode, it might be the fact that you have users, your ducks in a row, and headed for your next round of financing.

Don’t Just Be The Messenger

Having the right, defensible message can help you align your business objectives, stay ahead of your competition, and align your exit strategy.  

A well thought out – and at times, tweaked, messaging strategy can help you sustain, grow and succeed.

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