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Do You And Your Startup’s Co-Founders Have Personal Brands?

Investors in startups invest in people, not just a company.


Open the door to new deal flow by making sure you and your co-founders have a personal branding strategy.  Photo by me shot on one of many airplanes over the last year or so.

Keep that in mind as you shop your startup for deal flow and funding.

External to how smart you may individually and collectively be, what do your personal brands say about you?  How do they attract the right people to your universe of opportunity and deal flow.

One commonality that I find in startups, is that often the founders have known each other for many years.  You may have met in high school, learned to code in a dorm room with the person who is now your lead developer, or just came up with an idea for what could be next while day-dreaming in your MBA classes.

Keep in mind that when investors are looking at your company, they are really looking at you and your co-founders.  Develop a story line on your social profiles that reflect what you’re about, what you believe in and where the heart and soul of your company is.

You’re not just competing for money.  You’re competing for attention.  

Get it with a personal brand that attracts the right universe of people, who’ll believe in your vision, your mission, and most of all, invest in the collective of what makes you and your co-founders a great team.


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