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Distributing Your News in Asia

We recently distributed an announcement for our client, Mercom Systems, in Asia through PR Newswire’s Asia pack.  You can buy regions of Asia or specific countries such as Japan, Korea, or China.  Each country has its own language and character sets, so you have to allow ample time for set up and translation.

Here are links to recnet coverage we acheived on this project.  While you have to be fluent in the respective language to know what you are reading, you can note that they put the name of the company in English.

See:  Yahoo China
        CBI News
        XY Fund
        Xinhua PR Newswire

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  1. Just saw your blog here. It’s a lot of very interesting stuff. I happen to work with PRN in China and apparently you’ve been a client of ours. Thanks for the business! And I think we can do a much better job than what you listed above!


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