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Discretix CryptoCell Implements the Stringent Security Requirements of OMTP

Our client, Discretix, the leading provider of embedded security and DRM solutions for mobile devices and flash memory, today announced that CryptoCell has implemented the requirements recently published in the OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform) Trusted Environment specification.

Ccplatform_1The purpose of the Trusted Environment specification is to formalize the security needs of sensitive information and applications such as Secure Boot, Secure Flash update, Mobile device ID protection, SIM Lock protection, and DRM applications.

Backed by many of the largest mobile operators, OMTP was formed to define the requirements necessary for mobile devices to deliver a standardized application interface, and a consistent and improved user experience across different devices. The OMTP group achieves this goal by identifying common operator requirements and then establishing an open framework for manufacturers and associated software and hardware suppliers to develop open mobile terminal platform compatible products.

CryptoCell is a complete embedded security platform for mobile devices, offering an outstanding level of security, while overcoming the challenges of performance, power consumption and silicon footprint. CryptoCell’s flexible architecture can be tailored to meet growing market requirements for robust security solutions. CryptoCell can be deployed across a wide range of platforms and operating systems.

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