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Discretix Announces Widespread Endorsement for Multi-Scheme DRM Client for Mobile Devices

Today at 3GSM in Barcelona, our client, Discretix, Inc., the leading provider of embedded security solutions for mobile devices and flash memory, announced that its Multi-Scheme DRM Client has enjoyed unprecedented industry support.  The Discretix Multi-Scheme DRM Client provides support for multiple schemes using a common infrastructure and interface.   

DRM schemes supported by the Discretix Client include OMA DRM V1.0 & 2.0, Windows Media DRM 10 and CPRM. Support for new DRM schemes can be added as they become available. The Multi-Scheme Client offers unparalleled flexibility in meeting the evolving needs of mobile operators and handset manufacturers.  Reinforced by an underlying hardware-based security sub-system, such as CryptoCell™, the Client features an outstanding level of security and high performance, conforming to the stringent security and usability requirements set down by mobile operators. 

The release includes quote from UIQ Technology, Microsoft’s Windows Media DRM 10 prodduct manager,  the President of GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies and Editor, DRM Watch, Texas Instruments‘ cellular systems business unit and Arima Communications.  A special thank you to DRM Watch’s Bill Rosenblatt who was wonderful about working with us to listen in on the briefing and providing us with such a  great quote.


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