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Discretix and ARM Collaborate

Our client, Discretix is now collaborating with
ARM to offer an integrated secure flash controller solution optimized
for the rapidly growing removable and embedded flash-based memory

Based on the integration of the industry-leading ARM7TDMI® embedded
processor, or the ARM® SecurCore(TM) family of processors, with the
Discretix CryptoFlash(TM) security solution, this combination delivers
a complete, robust, scalable and easily-deployed secure flash
controller to the storage and mobile device industries. By leveraging
proven deployment of products based on ARM processors, and Discretix’s
CryptoFlash technology today, product designers are able to
significantly reduce the complexity of adding security to their devices.

Removable storage devices are rapidly evolving from mass storage
devices into fully-fledged computing platforms capable of supporting
applications such as secure storage, authentication tokens, health care
and content protection. As their capabilities evolve, so does the need
to increase the computing power, and as the value of the contents
stored within the device increases, so does the need to deploy
security. Similarly, the embedded storage capacity of the mobile
devices is fast expanding, creating additional opportunities for the
secure flash controller. Hardware-based security is the only way to
address the stringent performance, security requirements and power
limitations, while meeting the bill-of-material expectations of the
device manufacturers.

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