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Digital Convergence Initiative Conference Debuts New Economic Development Initiative

Today starts the  Digital Convergence Initiative (DCI) conference to address a technology strategy plan and, inventory of Central Texas’ Digital Convergence assets. 

DcilogoThe DCI Conference will bring together the primary regional players in the digital convergence industry for collaboration on the next steps in establishing Central Texas as the epicenter of innovation in the digital convergence economy.

The DCI will advance economic opportunities for regional businesses with attention to small business growth, create a regional and U.S. competitive advantage in the international digital market, as well as align institutional and private sector digital-oriented research and development with consumer demands and government requirements. 

The Digital Convergence technology sector includes film and video content development, games, training and education systems, semiconductors, controllers, sensors and actuators, communications (including secure, wireless and broadband), computers and personal devices, and home electronics.

Similar initiatives have proven successful, such as the one Central Florida founded in 1996, which has assisted over 2,200 high tech firms and 235,000 high tech workers expanding the economy with over $61 billion in new high tech sales.  San Diego County found similar success with over 1,400 high tech firms and 160,000 high tech workers generating more than $219 billion in high tech sales.

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