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Denim Group Briefs Industry Analysts – Here’s Some Helpful Tips on Analyst Relations

Picture 5 In this world of online this and that, I am still a firm believer in traditional industry analyst briefings.  

Yes, in person and phone-conferenced briefings are alive, well and effective.

For client, Denim Group, we're in the process of doing analyst briefings with leading security analysts. 

Here's a few tips:

1.  Make sure you identify the right analyst that covers your market segment as closely as possible.  Here's an example of how to find coverage segments.

2.  While you can try to reach out directly to the analyst, you will generally be asked to fill out an online form to get schedule for the briefing.  An example of an online form.

3.  Once you have the briefing scheduled, make sure you have your presentation customized for the analyst you are pitching.  And make sure you have the briefing to the analyst on time.

4.  Determine your goals for the briefing.  As a rule, I like briefings to see what types of questions you get and if you are spot on with your message.  Even if you are not a paying client of the analyst firm, analysts are paid to be in the know and if your company has a compelling story, then share it. 

5.  When wrapping up the call, ask if the analyst could be reference to the media and if possible your company can be included as a vendor when they are doing reports on industry trends.

Don't expect analysts to be mouthpieces or cheerleaders for your company.  Regardless if you are a paying client or not, analysts are there to listen and be in the know about greater market trends and where markets– and market opportunities are.  


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